Our fees are based on our level of specialized training. An hour of personalized counseling in a private suite is $150 for individuals and $175 for couples. Longer sessions are available when needed. As a therapist trained in the Gottman Couples Method, our therapy is based on 40 years of research on how happy people communicate and is conducted in a boutique-style setting designed for your comfort and privacy.

With specialized training in working with Couples in Recovery and Couples with Traumas and Affairs, we work with couples in Marathon Therapy - a two day therapy intensive to help them recover from the trauma and decide to move forward either together or apart.  

We strive to ensure your privacy, that's why we don't accept insurance up front because they require us to give you a diagnostic label to get paid. So often that carries with you as part of your medical record for a lifetime. We prefer to offer you a safe place to talk out what's troubling you and the expertise to help you move forward in life.

If you'd like to file your insurance, we are happy to provide an invoice you can send to your insurance company for reimbursement to you of any out-of-network benefits you may have in your plan if you choose to use your insurance. Medicare is the only exception. We have chosen to opt-out of Medicare which precludes clients from filing for reimbursement from Medicare for counseling services. Clients will be requested to sign an opt-out contract required by Medicare on their first visit. Most insurance plans do not cover relationship counseling but the investment in your relationship could save you countless hours of missed work time, lost sleep, and attorney consultations. Conflict erodes our immune system and challenges our emotional resources. The simple effective techniques you will learn are proven to show you how communicate better and live happier. And that's a big savings to you.

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